Prom is special indeed. Not only is a tradition that has been going strong for over a century, but it can be a teenager’s first big formal night out. Short for promenade, which was the formal introduction of guests at a party. This is rarely done these days, but you can see it at state events where heads of states and presidents are introduced. It began at the university level and was a chance for girls and boys to get together in an era when this was rarely done outside of chaperones. However, as time marched on, prom gradually migrated to the high school level, where in the 1940s, the tradition was firmly entrenched. After World War II, prom was moved to the gymnasium instead of being held at country clubs where it traditional is held today.

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  • You can go with your friends. For many, prom is one of the last chances you’ll have to spend time with some of your best friends before you all go your separate ways to college. Limo rentals from Riculfy Livery in New Orleans makes it easy for you and all of your friends to travel together. It eliminates the barrage of texts sent back and forth about when you’ll arrive, and it’s just plain fun!
  • Once in a lifetime event. You want to remember every detail of your prom night, including the transportation and the conversation with friends before and after. Limo service by Riculfy Livery in New Orleans is the best way to do just that.

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