Birthdays are special events that most likely you want to remember. They only come along once a year, like Christmas and New Year’s, but birthdays are special because they celebrate you and not someone or something else. It can be easy to let your birthday slip by unnoticed; but when you think about the fact that you probably have less than 100 of these in the course of thousands of days of your life, you should make birthdays special.

Riculfy Livery offers the best limo rentals and party bus rentals in New Orleans. We have a large selection of luxury limousine vehicles available for your convenience. Below, we’ll expound on just a few of the reasons to hire a luxury limousine service for your next birthday celebration. Celebrate with us. Book today!


  • You can spend more time with friends. If you think about a birthday party you’ve recently attended where a luxury limo was not rented, you probably spent a lot of time driving, texted the others when they’d be at a certain restaurant or bar, driving some more to the next stop, waiting in line for a club to get in, and the list can go on. When you invest in a party bus rental or a limo rental from Riculfy Livery in New Orleans, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with everyone on your birthday because you’ll all be in the same vehicle.
  • You’ll have a full entertainment system. The limousines and party buses at Riculfy Livery in New Orleans come with a full entertainment system, so while you’re sitting in traffic, you can play music, watch TV, enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages, and just sit back and relax while the limo driver handles it all for you. All of our limos and party buses have leather seats, tinted privacy windows, and climate control heating and air conditioning. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your birthday party destination sweating or frozen!
  • Limo rentals are affordable. The benefit of renting a limo and sharing it with your friends is that you can share the cost. You may even save on costs when you factor in parking fees, gas in multiple vehicles, and toll roads.
  • Your night will be stress free. You won’t have to worry about if all your friends got home safely after a night of partying. You won’t have to worry about finding your destinations. You won’t have to worry about driving from point A to point B. Your birthday will be perfect — just how it should be.

Riculfy Livery offers the best luxury limousine rentals for your birthday in the New Orleans area. Call, and book today!